30 Pieces Puzzle - Terreiro do Paço

Reference: PP00457
EAN: 5000000001149
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Puzzle inspired by the painting "Terreiro do Paço in the 17th century" by Dirk Stoop, 1662 part of the Museum of Lisbon collection.
(Inventory Number: MC.PIN.0261)

You are going to rebuild a picture by a painter from the Netherlands called Dirk Stoop. He painted it more than 300 years ago. The picture you will rebuild is the Terreiro do Paço, a big square in Lisbon. The Paço was a palace where some of the kings of Portugal lived. Today, this saqure is different from the one you see in this painting. This image is like a photograph, where you can see all the people that used to be in the square.


Recommended for children over 3 years old

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