Roman Lisbon, Vol. III - Urban Morphology

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The third volume of the collection Roman Lisbon. Felicitas Iulia Olisipo deals with the urban planning features of the city of Olisipo. It highlights the knowledge that has been developed about the Roman city, which is erratic and unpredictable, only allowed by urban interventions that open up "windows" of observation over the city. And how these observations are also conditioned by the degree of preservation of the traces of this Olisipo present in all the other cities that existed in the site of Lisbon. It is like building a puzzle without the original design nor the number of existing pieces, a task that is as fascinating as it is thankless.


Author: Carlos Fabião (Coord.)
Pages: 128
Year: 2020
Language: Português
Weight: 683 g
Width 24 cm
Height: 30 cm

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