From Carnivel to Lucha Libre. Mexican Masks and Devotions

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"From Carnival to Lucha Libre. Mexican Masks and Devotions" exhibition catalogue (Palácio Pimenta, Pavilhão Preto, 9 Jul - 1 Oct 2017) An approach to the universe of creators, constructors and mask users, fighters, their social context and their particular relation with the supernatural. Authors: Anthony Alan Shelton, Nicola Levell; Valentina Acevedo Montilla; Judith Guzmán Ramírez; Laura Osorio Sunnucks
Author: Anthony Shelton, Nicola Levell (comissários)
Pages: 206
Year: 2017
Language: Português / Inglês
Weight: 850 g
Width 22.50 cm
Height: 24.50 cm

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