Beneath and Above

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"Beneath and Above" exhibition (Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre, 25 Oct. 2023 - 10 Mar. 2024)

The Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theater is the stage for the exhibition Do Terreno e do Divino, which gives rise to the book, in which the painting of Carlos Barahona Possollo and the poetry of Leonel Gonçalves come together.

«This book of poetry and painting was born from two journeys through an ancient land where gods, myths and legends live in all things», explain the authors, who with this work begin another journey together.

Barahona Possollo publishes, for the first time, part of his work on mythological and archaeological themes. For Leonel Gonçalves, it is also his debut in paper publication, bringing together some of his creations on classical History, Culture and Mythology.
Author: Carlos Barahona Possollo / Leonel Gonçalves
Pages: 127
Year: 2023
Language: Português
Weight: 500 g
Width 21 cm
Height: 27 cm

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