1000 Pieces Puzzle - Terreiro do Paço

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Puzzle inspired by the painting "Terreiro do Paço in the 17th century" by Dirk Stoop, 1662 - included in the collection of the Museum of Lisbon - Pimenta Palace.
(Inventory Number: MC.PIN.026)

One of the most important views of Terreiro do Paço in the 17th century was painted by Dirk Stoop. The work was identified as a possible representation of the arrival in Lisbon of D. Francisco de Mello e Torres, ambassador of Portugal in London, where he signed the Treaty of Whitehall (23 June 1661) and ended the negotiations for the marriage of D. Catarina de Bragança with Carlos II of England. The painter's vision highlights the multifunctional character of this square, where people from all walks of life met.

Width 68 cm
Height: 44 cm

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